Kim Wrightson

Kim Wrightson in the Daintree National Park, North Queensland 

LUXOR Light Energy Specialist

Little did Kim know the course of her life would change when in 2001 she began a two year, Colour Therapy Diploma course with ChristinA, completing her qualifications with a thesis on Colour therapy and flowers!

So, it seemed only natural her spiritual journey would embrace LUXOR Light.  Completing the full Ascension Programme in 2005 and then following on to become an accredited LUXOR Light Energy Practitioner and Ametron Truth Sacred Sound Practitioner, which is an advanced level of LUXOR Light healing therapy.

In 2009 Kim was initiated into the LUXOR Light Teacher program eventually completing all requirements enabling her to teach the Ascension Program levels 1-3. 

She has been a regular for a number of years in LUXOR Light meditation groups and workshops facilitated by ChristinA, also participating in the first ever Dahabieh cruise in 2008 on her very first trip to Egypt! As part of this trip she traveled to Israel with ChristinA also, where she awakened to the gift of the Language of Light in a very interesting experience at St Anne’s Church in Jerusalem!

Since then Kim has returned to Egypt in 2010, 2014, 2016 participating in various LUXOR Light programs and two more Nile Cruises, deepening her connection to this magical land! Earlier in 2017 she returned to Luxor for the grand opening of the LUXOR Light Retreat Centre, participating in the first retreat program held at the centre.  Kim says she feels like Luxor is now her second home and each trip has facilitated further growth and expansion.  Kim continues her ascension journey through her own experiences with the LUXOR Light frequencies, delving into the depths of self and the power of presence.

Kim’s warm heart, gentle compassionate nature, together with her immense love of LUXOR Light, her passion for colour, numerology and flowers, means she is able to support you through your ascension journey, assisting you to navigate your soul’s pathway realising your true potential.
She is also a Flower Alchemist, developing her own range of flower essences among other things!

Rose Ray Soul Awakenings

At Rose Ray Soul Awakenings, Kim specialises in Distant Visionary Energy sessions but she also offers Hands on Visionary Energy sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Stay tuned for more as Kim is developing some really exciting programs, including meditation classes!

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Contacting Kim

Kim can be contacted by phone: +61 407930922 or

You can read Kim’s Blogs:
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  1. “I am deeply grateful I have had the opportunity to get two sessions with Kim.

    As well as being an amazing healer, Kim is a loving, compassionate and humble person. She has dedicated most of her life on helping others and developing a gift.

    The space that Kim creates for the session is very safe, nurturing and relaxing and the delivery is unique every time depending on where I stand emotionally.

    Kim worked with me during the session, she always asked me for my permission if I wanted to proceed with opening energetic channels which is very empowering.

    The two sessions I had were the most beneficial healing sessions I ever had.

    The first one was mostly focusing on my money blocks. I was amazed how quick things turned as three months later I felt confident and fearless when I asked my boss for a pay rise and I received the amount I wanted which was $30,000 and my wife got a job which radically changed our financial situation from being stretched to being comfortable.

    The second one was focusing on reconnecting with my soul after a long period of stress. I was a different person afterwards, grounded, calm and hopeful. My wife was surprised how different I looked then.

    On a physical level, I felt strong energetic shifts as Kim hovered her hands above my entire body. The physical sensations are tangible.

    A debriefing followed the session where Kim helped make sense of the physiological, emotional and mental shifts and delivered profound messages which totally resonated with me.

    I highly recommend Kim, a true and amazing healer.

    If you feel stuck, you are going through difficult situations, or feel lost and disconnected to life Kim will re”boot” you and reconnect you to your soul.”


    Senior Designer

    PERTH Western Australia

  2. I had a LUXOR light healing from Kim and I slept the longest and best I had in many, many years thank you so much, it was a very calming experience and I will be highly recommending her for "distant healings.

    You were spot on with so much of your information, I love the way you wrote it out for me also, so detailed it was really great thank you so much, you are very good.


  3. After healing's with Kim, I always feel relaxed, refreshed, clearer and more centred. She runs a beautiful, strong healing energy and has the gift of great intuition and compassion. Kim shares her insights about my life and they help me to better understand my current situation. With her wisdom, she helps me to let go of fear of moving forward. Whatever challenges I come to a session with, I leave with a new direction, reconnected to my heart with a feeling of relief and trust. I would highly recommend Kim’s healing to anyone who feels depleted, or stuck in any way.


    Western Australia